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Richard Arnold creates numerous bas-relief sculptures for special events and commemorations. He was commissioned to create the award bronzes for the 2006 Rabbit KeKai International Longboard Classic at Boca Barranca, Costa Rica. Oscar Arias Sanchez, President of Costa Rica, was presented with a Rabbit KeKai commemoration bas-relief for this event. Richard was also commissioned to make the bronze awards for the 2005 Women's Longboard Championships at Ocean Beach, California.

He was the featured artist for Telluride's 14th annual WILD WEST FEST 2005, hosted by the Sheridan Arts Foundation. For the event he created “Lisa.” A photograph of Lisa was superimposed over the bronze for the event poster. During the festival, Richard held a poster signing at which the sculpture was auctioned as an event fund-raiser. Every year the WILD WEST FEST brings at-risk youth to Telluride for a week of theater, dance and outdoor activities. The event always honors a celebrated artist who participates in the festivities.

Other bas-relief works include the Dallas Fullerton memorial at Hidden Lake, Colorado, and the Francis Whittiker memorial at Aspen, Colorado. To view the bas-relief bronzes, click on the thumbnail images below:
Women's Longboard 2005 Rabbit Kekai Lisa
2005 Women's Longboard Championship bronze
2006 Rabbit KeKai Championship bronze
2005 Wild West Fest: Lisa

Dallas Fullerton Francis Whittiker Old Man of the Mountain
Dallas Fullerton memorial
Francis Whittiker memorial
Old Man of the Mountain

Binelli Ron Oldham Jaz and Pirate
Angiolino Binelli memorial
Ron Oldham memorial
Jaz and Pirate

Tiger Espere memorial
Trophies from Arnold Studio


Fred Braun Greg Mace Walt Walker
Fred Braun memorial
Greg Mace memorial
Walt Walker memorial

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